A Visit to TRAP

We still in fasting month of Ramadhan when heading to this visit. On the way back from my dad’s hometown, the time shown 7a.m., still early huh!

Me: “Abah, it would be very bored if we just drove home this early morning! It’s still to early….”                                                                                                                     Abah: “It’s Ramadhan, I don’t want u to break ur fast then if u wish to be in a long journey..”                                                                                                                                   Me: “Promise!!”                                                                                                                                Ibu: “Why don’t we just pay a visit to TRAP then?”                                                                                                                                         Abah: “Sounds good! JOM!!”

This was an unexpected hot spring trip for me. “Taman Rekreasi Air Panas”. In short, TRAP! It means “Hot Springs Recreational Park” which located at Sg.Klah in Perak. The admission fee for an adult is RM8 (before RM10) for that day due to pool renovations.

As for me, just have a short nap during the trip till Ibu wakes me up! I’ll stop here & enjoy the snap shots!

  • The entrance to TRAP…Welcome! Welcome!
  • My bro’s face – hehehe…blum mandi pagi!!! Fuhhh….hot immersion in the pool…..

-Author: Fifi


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